Madama Butterfly opens July 10!

A tale of all-consuming love and ultimate betrayal, Giacomo Puccini’s Madama Butterfly has been one of the most beloved and performed operas in the world since its debut in 1904. Set against the backdrop of a rapidly modernizing Japan at the turn of the twentieth century, Puccini’s soaring, heartbreaking masterpiece has permeated our culture, inspiring and appearing in countless other works onstage, on television, in music, and in film.


Cio-Cio San, a young girl in Nagasaki, marries an officer in the United States Navy, even though it means renouncing her family. When he abandons her, Cio-Cio San is left alone, yearning for his return. Brought to life by a stellar roster of artists -- including four artists from the Metropolitan Opera -- this unforgettable production will move and enthrall you, even after the final, tragic notes have been sung. Read more about our production here.


Cio-Cio San Eleni Calenos
Suzuki Eve Gigliotti
Lt. Pinkerton Jason Slayden
Sharpless Hyung Yun
Goro Joe Shadday
Conductor Steven Jarvi
Director Dan Rigazzi


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Watch our Madama Butterfly Principal Artists perform at A Taste of Ash Lawn Opera

Lerner & Loewe’s treasured musical My Fair Lady has been a mainstay of American theater since its hit debut on Broadway in 1956 and its classic 1964 film adaptation starring Audrey Hepburn. Featuring memorable characters from all walks of life, this musical has made an indelible impact on generations of musical theater lovers.


Eliza Doolittle, a spirited but impoverished woman in Edwardian London, enlists the help of curmudgeonly professor Henry Higgins to improve her station in life, but things do not go quite as she had planned. Sharin Apostolou, who was praised by the New York Times for her "bright [and] confident" performance in Glimmerglass Festival's Carousel (2014), makes her Ash Lawn Opera debut as the exuberant Eliza, facing off against Curt Olds, called a "showstopper" by The Denver Post, as Higgins. With a delightful score, witty dialogue, and extravagant costumes, this beguiling musical will charm audiences of all ages. Read more about our production here.



Eliza Doolittle Sharin Apostolou
Henry Higgins Curt Olds

Freddy Eynsford-Hill

Dominic Armstrong
Alfred Doolittle Stephanos Tsirakoglou
Colonel Pickering Dan Stern
Karpathy Joe Duquette
Conductor Andy Anderson
Director Daniel Witzke


Tickets available at The Paramount Theater Box Office | (434) 979-1333

Box Office hours: 10 am- 2 pm, M-F


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