2014 Amahl and the Night Visitors Housing Hosts

Ash Lawn Opera brings national and international singers, orchestral musicians, and production staff to Charlottesville to produce an opera and a musical each summer. A special feature of the Festival is the warmth with which local families host artists for four to seven weeks.


All that is requested is a private bedroom and bathroom, and kitchen privileges.

Our artists and production staff make great house-sitters, pet-sitters, and plant-sitters during summer vacations as well!


In return, hosts receive two complimentary tickets to the opening night of either production, along with bragging rights to say that they hosted the next generation's Placido Domingo or Maria Callas "when."


Our former hosts have shared their enthusiasm with us.


“Wonderful group of people and terrific productions.”

“My daughters have definitely benefitted by knowing our guests – they maintain their friendships! It is a wonderful opportunity all around.”

“It was an excellent experience and we truly enjoyed.”


"We always look forward to our musician visitors every summer.  We enjoy hearing about their studies and experiences, and it is lovely to have the house full of music. Our teenager's interest in opera was stoked by conversation with these excellent young musicians, leading to her performance with Ash Lawn Opera in the chorus of Amahl & the Night Visitors at Christmas last winter.  And, of course, we have the pleasure of knowing that we are making it possible for Charlottesville to enjoy our own first-rate opera. The musicians have always been very respectful of our home and our schedule -- and have on occasion been kind enough to cat-sit while we were away!"

This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the next generation of opera stars

and to support the arts in Charlottesville.



info@ashlawnopera.org / 434.293.4500

Amahl and the Night Visitors 2014 Housing Host Form
2014 Amahl Housing Form and Letter.docx
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2013 Housing Hosts

It is with the sincerest gratitude that Ash Lawn Opera thanks the following hosts

for opening up their homes to our artists in 2013:

Michael & Carol Atchinson

Carin Austin

Drew & Margaret Bailey

Ruth Barnett

Jean Boston

Dr. George Beller & Kakie Brooks

Mark & Mary Brown

Dr. Richard & Bonnie Brewer

Anne Brune

Susan Burke

Frank Byers & Gerald Northcutt

Sam & Cyndy Caughron

Virginia Cenedella

Charles & Patsy Chadwick

Leone Ciporin

Gene & Sue Corbett

Barbara  Cornejo

Ted Crackel & Mary-Jo Kline

Charlotte Crystal

Doug & Drene DeGood

John & Lori Delehanty

Kennerly & Lucille Digges

Derek & Lisa Duval

Wayne & Michelle Edwards

Eric & Sarah Franzen

Blaise & Cali Gaston

John & Carolyn Gilliom

Paula Gladieux

Yvette Graham

Ron Harris

Allen & Ellen Hench

Michael Henke & Judy Campbell

Debbie Hiatt

David Kahler & Vicky Norwood

Bryce & Ann Kellams

Grace & Bob Klonoski

Phyllis Koch-Sheras

Sherry Kraft

Dena Lawton

David Lea

Sally LeBeau

Lee Lewis & Liza Millett

John & Nancy Lowry

David & Janet Newkirk

James & Anne Newman

Alise Nielsen

Charlie & Debbie Owen

John & Lydia Peale

David & Rosalyn Preston

Ron Rammelkamp & Kim Wilder

Craig & Martha Redinger

Dan & Kathryn Reid

Sybil Robertson

Randall Salzman & Jeanne Liedtka 

Sam & Mary Saunders

David & Debbie Scott

Nick & Wendy Seay

Richard & Linda Shank

Kent & Katy Sinclair

Martha Smythe

Charlie & Julie Stamm

Ann Sullivan

David & Nancy Summers

George & Sally Thomas

Bill & Martha Tilman

James Todd

William & Dorothy Tompkins

Cynthia Tremblay

Sylvanna Vanderpark

Kurt Wassenaar

Henry & Rebecca Wilbur

We cannot possibly thank enough this year’s Housing Coordinator, Morgan Brophy. Morgan has shown infinite patience, resourcefulness, flexibility and dedication to making the most suitable match between artist and host. We are deeply grateful for the time and professionalism she has brought to this challenge.