2015 Amahl and the Night Visitors Housing Hosts

Thank you for your support for Charlottesville’s opera company, Ash Lawn Opera.  We are very fortunate to have a professional opera company in our community, and its success is dependent on support from our volunteer Board, Guild, and—critically—Housing Hosts, who welcome our artists and production staff into their homes each year. For a fourth year, we are bringing Gian Carlo Menotti’s beloved holiday opera Amahl and the Night Visitors to The Paramount Theater. Our artists, many of whom are returning to Charlottesville for their second or third (or even fourth or fifth!) production, come from the most prestigious opera companies, theaters, and symphonies throughout the country. This winter’s approximate housing schedule will be:


Production Staff: December 6 – December 13

Principal Artists: December 7 – December 13

Orchestral Musicians: December 10 – December 13


All hosts will receive two complimentary (2) tickets to one performance of Amahl and the Night Visitors, at either 2:00 pm or 4:30 pm on Saturday, December 12.


If you would like to become a Housing Host, please download the form below and send it to Lydia at lydia@ashlawnopera.org, or by mail to PO Box 2490, Charlottesville, VA 22902. Ash Lawn Opera would not be able to fulfill its artistic mission without the generosity of our Housing Hosts, and we thank you for your support!


Additionally, with so many out-of-town artists who will need to be housed, we are also offering an additional pair of tickets to any Host who recruits a new Housing Host for December or for our 2016 Summer Season! If you can recommend anyone who would open their home to an artist or staff person this winter or summer, all we ask is that a bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen privileges be available. Our artists and staff make great house-sitters during winter and summer vacations! Please forward any potential Host's name to lydia@ashlawnopera.org, or send them the link to this page!

Housing Host information letter and form
Please fill out this form and return it to Ash Lawn Opera by e-mail (lydia@ashlawnopera.org) or mail (PO Box 2498, Charlottesville, VA 22902). Thank you for your support!
2015 Amahl Housing Form and Letter -- ne[...]
Microsoft Word document [123.0 KB]

Read why past Housing Hosts love being part of the ALO Family!


“Wonderful group of people and terrific productions.”

“My daughters have definitely benefitted by knowing our guests – they maintain their friendships! It is a wonderful opportunity all around.”

“It was an excellent experience and we truly enjoyed.”

"We always look forward to our musician visitors every summer.  We enjoy hearing about their studies and experiences, and it is lovely to have the house full of music. Our teenager's interest in opera was stoked by conversation with these excellent young musicians, leading to her performance with Ash Lawn Opera in the chorus of Amahl & the Night Visitors at Christmas last winter.  And, of course, we have the pleasure of knowing that we are making it possible for Charlottesville to enjoy our own first-rate opera. The musicians have always been very respectful of our home and our schedule -- and have on occasion been kind enough to cat-sit while we were away!"


2015 Summer Housing Hosts

It is with the sincerest gratitude that Ash Lawn Opera thanks the following hosts

for opening up their homes to our artists for our 2015 Summer Season:

James & Byrd Abbott

Carin Austin & Marion Bryant

Drew & Margaret Bailey

Victor & Lora Baum

Bob & Faith Bedford

George Beller & Kakie Brooks

Tory Blackford

Patricia Bristowe

Richard & Janice Carter

Sam & Cyndy Caughron

Charles & Patsy Chadwick

Derwood & Johanna Chase

Charles & Janet Cheeseman

Ted Crackel & Mary-Jo Kline

Charlotte Crystal

Ethel deNeveu

Kennerly & Lucille Digges

Patrick & Patricia Dougherty

Susan DuBar

Derek & Lisa Duval

Brad & Chris Eure

Whit & Jen Faulconer

Sarah Franzen

Peter & Diana Freeman

Adam & Erica Goldfarb

Joan Gore

Beverly Hankins

Ron Harris

Phil & Jane Hearne

Deborah Hiatt

Adria Hoffman

Lynn Isabella

Susan Krischel

David Lea

Victor Lee & Nancy Holland

John & Nancy Lowry

Bill Lucy & Sherry Kraft

Larry & Claire Mellinger

Louis Mitler

David & Janet Newkirk

Jim & Anne Newman

Vicky Norwood

Don & Jackie Pamenter

Constance Paske

David & Rosalyn Preston

Craig & Martha Redinger

Sybil Robertson

Randy Salzman & Jeanne Liedtka

Sam & Mary Saunders

Nick & Wendy Seay

Vaden & Virginia Shields

Kent & Katy Sinclair

Richard & Linda Smith

Charlie & Julie Stamm

Peter & Mary Jae Sushka

David & Nancy Summers

George & Sally Thomas

Jim Todd

Cynthia Tremblay

Esther Volkan

Kurt Wassenaar

Bert & Florence Lee Wellons

Henry & Becky Wilbur

Keith & Adrienne Woodard

Roger & Merle Young